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The Dinco Group group is a rapidly growing business group in India. The group was founded by Late Shri Ganeshi Lal Goyal alongwith his son's Shri Gopal Dass Goyal & Shri Ashok Kumar Goyal in 1975. Primarily starting with the metal & screen business, Dinco group has now diversified its operations and added few other industries in its portfolio of group businesses. The name "DINCO" is abbreviated form of "Dinesh INdustrial Corporation", our first industry started in the name of our family's youngest child in those times, a 10 year old "Dinesh".

The business operations of the Dinco group currently encompass three business sectors: metal & screens, automobiles dealerships & overseas trading in machinery parts/ stones/ marbles/ mosaics. Further, we have recently started our trading firm (primarily for overseas clients) for dealing in machinery spare part items.

The group is managed and controlled by Goyal family with the guidance of dedicated and committed staff. The group has been able to build its brand and has established a niche identity for itself through continuous support and technical expertise of its family members & employees. We are committed to provide the best products and the best services across all our business lines. We have been and would always be at the user-end to ensure that our customers are well-satisfied with all our products and services. We, at Dinco group strive hard to meet expectations of our customers and provide world-class quality and professional services to fulfill their requirements which we have maintained in last more than 30 years.

Looking at future, we are looking for new opportunities in the emerging sectors in Indian economy and will strive hard to achieve the leadership in whatever sector we enter similar to what we have achieved in all our existing businesses.

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